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About Us



Integrity is the official platform for the “Integrity, Accountability, Transparency and fighting corruption” curriculum, which is directed to university students, and developed by Rasheed for Integrity and Transparency (Transparency International- Jordan) through the project “Fighting Corruption through Education” in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, The curriculum has been adopted by some universities and some others are looking into adopting it.

Integrity presents all the outcomes of the project, like the curriculum, trainings held within in the frame of the project, caricatures, e-lectures, and a manual for teaching methods, and a comic book that tackles the same issues.

The project aims to enhance the political and democratic understanding of the society through youth, as there are the builders of the future, in addition to their political and democratic participation through strengthening values of integrity, Transparency and good citizenship. Also, Strengthen democratic freedom and practices through explaining the concepts of transparency, integrity and good governance within the society to build the culture of social accountability.



Building a community culture based on transparency, integrity and societal accountability to combat corruption and consolidate the concept of freedom and democratic practices.



A young generation that believes in the consolidation and practices of good governance.